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Why Solo Ads Doctor?

Low performance solo-ads campaign is not an option, our carefully managed subscribers list will provide you great conversion and opt-in rates, you will gain new leads, customers and most importantly make net profits.

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Unique Clicks

Delivered within 24-72 hours.

Responsive Subscribers

High opt-in rates

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I’m constantly refreshing my list with 100 to 400 new leads every day to make sure that you never hit a dead list, no matter the frequency of your orders.

If you return for more clicks, your solo ad will always be seen by fresh people.


A few additional guidelines to keep in mind

  • The traffic I deliver is within the Internet Marketing / Make Money Online niche.
  • The customer will provide his swipe and Solo Ads Doctor will keep the right to adapt it if necessary for maximum performance.
  • Solo Ads are mostly for free products / offers.
  • You can have as many paid one time offers (OTOs) as you require after the subscriber has opted into your list.
  • All Solos Ads will be sent from our lists only. No exit pop-ups, NO traffic exchange, No Safelists.
  • By placing an order, you agree to our no refund policy.
  • The Solo Ads will be delievered within 1-2 business days.
  • No junk content allowed, keep it clean, keep it healthy.

Benefits of working with Solo Ads Doctor

High quality tier-1 unique clicks.(100%)
Very responsive subscribers including buying links.(100%)
Great customer support and high availability.(100%)
Excellent opt-in rates.(100%)
Genuine understanding of your business niche.(100%)

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